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About the Designer


 Anne-Marie stands as a pinnacle of luxury in the world of bridal jewelry. Renowned in Kansas City for her unparalleled designs, Katherine specializes in crafting exquisite hand-sculpted floral earrings that exude a realism so captivating, one could hardly believe they are crafted from clay. With a discerning eye for design, Katherine seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with romantic allure and modern elegance, resulting in a collection that epitomizes a harmonious fusion of classic and feminine aesthetics. Each piece in her jewelry line is meticulously crafted to transcend time, infusing every creation with a subtle yet captivating charm and a touch of modern sophistication. Embrace the enchanting magic of your wedding day by adorning yourself with Katherine's creations, not just for your special day, but for every day thereafter, allowing the allure of your wedding to linger in the elegance of each piece.

Behind the Brand

Anne-Marie, established in February 2020, is more than just a brand. It is a heartfelt tribute to the extraordinary women who have shaped the life of our owner and designer, Katherine. Drawing inspiration from the names of her beloved grandmothers, mother, and daughter, this brand encapsulates the essence of their unwavering support and influence. With each meticulously crafted piece, a fragment of their remarkable spirit is imbued, creating a profound connection between the jewelry and the remarkable women who inspired its creation. Anne-Marie stands as a testament to the profound impact these women have had on Katherine's journey, for without their love and guidance, both Katherine and Anne-Marie would not have blossomed into the extraordinary entities they are today.